Polyimidové (PI) / kaptonové dráty pro UHV

Polyimide (PI) is a group of high performing polymers known for their exceptional chemical, thermal, and mechanical performance properties. Polyimides generally demonstrate excellent thermal stability in high as well as low temperatures. Polyimides also exhibit broad chemical resistance and good dielectric properties. Polyimides are poor conductors of heat and are highly disinclined to burn; they are also radiation resistant. These properties and others have made polyimides widely used in industries including medical, aerospace, automotive, electronics, chemical, sensors, and more

KAPTON WIRES /Polyimide Insulated Multi-core Wire/Multi-core Wire, PI(Kapton) Insulated Multi-core Wire
CITCABLE offers the original types and a wide range of new Kapton/PI Wire Types for use in UHV and High Vacuum. 
These include:
- Single Strand Kapton Wire
- Highly Flexible Multi-strand Kapton Wire
- Coaxial Wires including 50/75 Ohm  Kapton Wire Cable
- Shielded Twisted Pairs and Ribbon Kapton Wire Cable
- The original UHV Kapton Wire Cable